Reflections Awards 2020-2021

This year, we had a total of 108 submissions (Dance-4, Music-7, Film Production-11, Photography-15, Literature-21, Visual Arts-50)!! That's just amazing!!

All the participants get an award - just going through the process, thinking through the theme, coming up with wonderful ideas, and submitting them makes them all winners in our eyes.

However, our judges selected the top 2 pieces/grade category to move forward to the next level (Fremont Council)- They are presented with the 'Award of Excellence'. From there on, if they qualify they move on to district (Peralta), state (CA), and hopefully National. We will keep you posted on when and if our Gomes' kids artwork moves forward further. Here are the award categories:

  • Award of Excellence: Pieces that were forwarded to the next level

  • Exceptional Artist: Pieces that were in contention to move forward

  • Award of Merit: Pieces that displayed very good ideas and work

Please join us in giving applause and congratulations to all our Gomes students listed below.



  • Sanya S, "Going on a picnic with baby brother" - Award of Merit


  • Sanya S, "I matter because I am a big sister" - Award of Excellence

Visual Art

  • Sanya S, "A Rose Garden" - Exceptional Artist

  • Zackary C, "This is me!" - Award of Merit


Film Production

  • Daksh K, "I matter in my own little world" - Award of Excellence

  • Aanya G, "My Green Earth" - Exceptional Artist


  • Daksh K, "And I realized..." - Award of Excellence


  • Daksh K, "I complete the world" - Award of Merit

Visual Arts

  • Sahana M, "I matter because... you are not alone" - Exceptional Artist

  • Daksh K, "I matter to my kids" - Exceptional Artist

  • Aanya G, "I matter because I am an artist" - Award of Merit

  • Shreyaa V, "My Dream" - Award of Merit

  • Neya T, "Nature drawing" - Award of Merit

First Grade


  • Albert R, "Essential" - Award of Merit

Visual Arts

  • Ayushi R, "The Power in my hand" - Award of Excellence

  • Diya S, "Animals matter!" - Exceptional Artist

  • Gordon Y, "Happy Me" - Exceptional Artist

  • Avik S, "I matter because I care" - Exceptional Artist

  • Ritwik S, "Joy to the world" - Exceptional Artist

  • Mihit G, "Mihit Matters" - Exceptional Artist

  • Aarush G, "Plant Trees, Save Forest" - Exceptional Artist

  • Adrien C, "Visual Arts" - Exceptional Artist

Second Grade

Dance Choreography

  • Vindhya M, "Classical Bharatanatyam Dance for the song Aigiri Nandini" - Award of Excellence

Film Production

  • Abhinaya K, "Hi, Hummingbird" - Award of Excellence


  • Aarya S, "I Matter Because I Was Born To Be a Leader" - Award of Excellence

Music Composition

  • Vaishnavi S, "I matter because..." - Award of Excellence


  • Abhinaya K, "Save The Bee" - Award of Excellence

  • Aarya S, "Nature and Me" - Exceptional Artist

Visual Arts

  • Shaafia K, "The Wings of Kindness" - Award of Excellence

  • Aarya S, "A true friendship with nature" - Exceptional Artist

  • Tarun P, "As a kid I like..." - Exceptional Artist

  • Abhinaya K, "Save The Earth" - Exceptional Artist

  • Cayden Y, "A Heart Can Spread Love" - Award of Merit

  • Vaishnavi S, "I matter because of love..." - Award of Merit

Third Grade

Dance Choreography

  • Dhaanvi J, "I am ME" - Award of Excellence

Film Production

  • Arjun G, "A little bit about me" - Award of Merit

  • Ansh K, "Sky is the Limit" - Award of Merit


  • Ansh K, "I matter because..." - Award of Excellence

  • Dhaanvi J, "Nurture the World" - Exceptional Artist

  • Arshiya R, "I play my role" - Award of Merit

  • Sriteja V, "I matter because I have lot of ideas" - Award of Merit

Music Composition

  • Joanna K, "Sing a song 'You Raise Me Up' with ukulele" - Award of Merit

  • Aashna S, "Raag Bhupali Swarmalika" - Award of Merit


  • Colin H, "Smoky Sunset" - Exceptional Artist

  • Ansh K, "I will rise again" - Exceptional Artist

  • Dhaanvi J, "Breathe In" - Award of Merit

Visual Arts

  • Arshiya R, "I am the change" - Exceptional Artist

  • Catherine D, "My Best Friends" - Award of Merit

  • Joanna K, "My dream house" - Award of Merit

  • Kiley M, "Stronger together" - Award of Merit

  • Rhea T, "The Environment and I" - Award of Merit

  • Ansh K, "Trees matter because..." - Award of Merit

Fourth Grade

Dance Choreography

  • Shivani K, "Dance sisters" - Award of Excellence

Film Production

  • Rhea V, "Positivity with Perseverance" - Award of Excellence

  • Anup D, "A Perfect Summer Day" - Award of Excellence


  • Adit W, "The World Matters" - Award of Merit

  • Amelie R, "Each Unique Flower in a Bouquet" - Award of Merit

  • Sriya K, "I Matter Because" - Award of Merit

  • Vihaan S, "I matter on this Earth being a Responsible Human Being because.." - Award of Merit

Music Composition

  • Shivani K, "The Drummer in Me!" - Award of Excellence


  • Audrey H, "Girl's Best Friend" - Award of Excellence

  • Aditya M, "I Matter Because I Have Potential" - Award of Merit

  • Shivani K, "A Different Perspective" - Award of Merit

  • Sriya K, "I Matter Because" - Award of Merit

  • Dheemahi N, "I am universe" - Award of Merit

Visual Arts

  • Ira V, "Make a Choice for a better future" - Award of Excellence

  • Rohan Y, "Better Planet" - Award of Merit

  • Sriya K, "I Matter Because" - Award of Merit

  • Agastyaa R, "I matter because" - Award of Merit

  • Aanya M, "I matter because.. every action a person takes makes a big difference" - Award of Merit

  • Vihaan S, "I matter by saving the planet" - Award of Merit

  • Mahika G, "Make Earth Beautiful" - Award of Merit

  • Zoey M, "Sisters together" - Award of Merit

  • Rhea P, "Spreading Joy" - Award of Merit

  • Adit W, "The Beautiful Wildlife" - Award of Merit

  • Florence C, "Visual Arts" - Award of Merit

  • Anchal V, "We all matter." - Award of Merit

  • Daksha R, "Why do I Matter" - Award of Merit

Fifth Grade

Film Production

  • Daksha R, "Finance Transformation Analyst" - Exceptional Artist

  • Siya K, "Birdies Matter" - Exceptional Artist

  • Namrata N, "Citu's journey through the Magic Waterfall" - Award of Merit


  • Namrata N, "Citu's Journey through the Magic Waterfall- A Story" - Award of Excellence

  • Aarush G, "The story of MArtin" - Award of Merit

  • Aryan V, "I matter for the community.. world" - Award of Merit

  • Sanika N, "Sanika's significance!" - Award of Merit

  • Siyona G, "Teamwork matter" - Award of Merit

  • Yagna R, "I MATTER BECAUSE" - Award of Merit

  • Rutvik A, "World of Adventures" - Award of Merit

Music Composition

  • Cara W, "Stronger Together" - Award of Excellence


  • Aarush G, "The Resilient Tree" - Award of Excellence

Visual Arts

  • Cara W, "Orchestra of Colors" - Award of Excellence

  • Aarush G, "The Important Horse" - Award of Merit

  • Lasya S, "Trees matter!" - Award of Merit

Sixth Grade

Dance Choreography

  • Aditi S, "This Is MOI" - Award of Excellence

Film Production

  • Anushka P, "I Matter, You Matter, All Lives Matter" - Award of Excellence


  • Riya G, "You Never Knew" - Award of Excellence

  • Saanvi S, "Why I Matter" - Award of Excellence

  • Theenash S, "Do I Matter?" - Exceptional Artist

Music Composition

  • Meera A, "The Path I Choose" - Award of Excellence

  • Aditi S, "Everyone Matters" - Award of Excellence


  • Ayush G, "Photography" - Award of Excellence

Visual Arts

  • Emily C, "Beautiful" - Award of Excellence

  • Kulsum A, "We all matter" - Award of Excellence

  • Neha P, "Forward with Friends and Family" - Exceptional Artist

  • Ayush G, "My son drew a robot(visual arts)" - Award of Merit

  • Anushka P, "I Matter Because I Exist" - Award of Merit

  • Riya G, "I thought they were right" - Award of Merit

  • Saanvi S, "Uniqueness In Every Existence" - Award of Merit